APPLE MOVING a subsidiary of Apple Storage, is a professional moving company recognised by the government. Leveraged on a systematic corporate management and a conscientious professional team, AppleMoving is well positioned to provide our clients with quality services. Boasting a large fleet of self-owned vehicles, the company is equipped with a variety of box trucks with tailgate lifts suitable for different moving services. Founded on its exceptional strength, AppleMoving has been engaged to provide moving solutions for both public and private sectors including MTR Corporation, Sun Hung Kai Properties, United Christian Hospital, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, Hong Kong Observatory, Legend Holdings Limited, Wah Yat Furniture, etc.


  • Household & Office Relocation serviceHousehold & Office
    Relocation service
  • Furniture dismantling & installation serviceFurniture dismantling &
    installation service
  • Pick-up & delivery service for merchandises and goodsPick-up & delivery service for merchandises and goods
  • Waste removal and disposal serviceWaste removal &
    disposal service
  • Moving-in service to warehouse and mini storageMoving-in service to
    warehouse and mini storage

Apple Moving may provide quotations over the phone! Other moving services also available! Please contact us for details.

APPLE MOVING provides comprehensive and reliable transportation services at reasonable prices. Please feel free to contact us for inquiry and service booking.

Hotline: 8208 9911
WhatsApp: 5408 0627

Easy Tips for Using Transportation Service

  1. Contact Transportation Service Provider and make a service booking in advance.
  2. Inform the building management office in advance to arrange lifts and parking spaces for the transportation work.
  3. Household items shall be packed in carton boxes, while bedding items and clothing shall be packed in storage bags (e.g., nylon bags) or plastic boxes.
  4. The loading for each carton box shall not exceed 30 lbs.
  5. Valuable or fragile objects shall be packed with bubble wrap and be labelled “Fragile” on the box or bag surfaces.
  6. When packing electronic products, use stickers in different colors to wrap and categorize various cables, wires and power strips.
  7. Items like photo albums, cassette tapes and CDs shall be packed at last to avoid damage from collision.
  8. Create an Item Checklist: number each carton box / storage bag, then record the items in each carton box / storage bag in accordance with their assigned numbers for easy reference.
  9. Use soft materials such as redundant clothes or newspapers to fill up the carton boxes, so the carton boxes would be stacked up firm.
  1. Must notify the transportation workers on the fragile items.
  2. After all the items are loading onto the truck, have a check to make sure the number of carton boxes and storage bags are correct, and all the fragile items are intact.
  3. After arriving the mini storage or destination, check again on the number of carton boxes and storage bags and the condition of the fragile items when the moving work is finished.


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