Central Warehouse Service
- Save Money, Safe Storage

at HOME door-to-door storage service has provided tailor-made storage place which paid by month by square feet. In addition, we can offer one-stop storage & transportation service. You just need to reserve booking with us by phone and we can solve your problem quickly.

Storage for Decoration & Moving Home

  • Door-to-Door storage, pick-up and delivery, with one-stop storage & moving service
  • Storage for large furniture and household sundries

Storage for Small and Medium Enterprise

  • Central warehouse with professional moving service
  • Storage for large facilities, tools, documents, cargos and else
Flexible renting area

Monthly Rental fee
per square feet as low as

Door-to-Door storage solutions. Paid by month by square feet. No deposit required.

Safe Storage

Our central warehouses are equipped with comprehensive security system, automatic fire protection system, all year-round temperature and humidity control. Only well-trained staff and our moving team can access to facilities to ensure your belongings are always safe and secure.

atHome 服務設施

Flexible renting area

You have flexibility to decide the renting area,
below are some examples:


Net Area:

Can store 42 carton boxes*


Net Area:

Can store 60 carton boxes*


Net Area:

Can store 80 carton boxes*

Larger storage
areas available!

*For reference only. Reference carton box dimensions: 21”(L) x 15”(W) x 15”(H)

Larger storage areas available!
Please call 8208 9822 for inquiry.

Professional Moving

At HOME has our trustable moving team – Apple Moving, and therefore we can provide one-stop service. All you need is to reserve by phone* and our moving team will arrive your place to deliver or pick-up your stocks in good condition, which is convenience and timesaving.

*Customer must reserve booking by at least 3 working days in advance.

For at HOME Door-to-door storage details,
please contact our staff by 8208 9822.

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Reserve your visit
Reserve your visit