Storage Size

Storage space of
3 - 152 sq.ft.

Allows unlimited expansion
of your living space

Our storage units come in different sizes to meet a wide variety of needs. You may wish to use these storage units to store your keepsakes or memorable items at home or stuffs lay idle in your workplace, and free up more spaces for you family members and colleagues, and also save yourself from paying high rental expenses. On top of safe-keeping your beloved items, you can also reduce your pressure and create a better life for yourself with enlarged private spaces!

Toy Storage
Toy Storage 2

Treasure Display Storage

Toys are fascinating and always make kids and even adults obsessed! Our Treasure Display Storage & Toy Storage is a perfect storage space for safe keeping your beloved toys. You may also establish a private showcase for your own toy collections to tell the stories and memories behind them.

Toy Storage 4

Sneaker Storage

Nowadays, sneakers had become an integral part of modern fashion trends and are highly sought-after by hipsters and fashionistas. Our Sneaker Storage is a well arranged space for you to store your beloved sneakers and to exhibit your “collections” at the same time.

Apple Storage - Clothing Storage

Change your look and image

anytime to match your mood

Clothing Storage units are equipped with an adjustable clothes rail and shelves, which are designed to provide delicate care for your favorite clothes (such as down jackets, suits and gowns) and protection from damages by the weight from other apparel stacked on top. Clothes will be stored properly, available anytime and maintained in good condition for wearing again in subsequent seasons.

Clothing Storage

Gear up for your next journey

Bicycle Storage These units are professionally designed for bike lovers to take good care of not only their bicycles, but also their gear including helmets, tires, gloves and cyclists’ wear. Bicycle maintenance tools are also available for customers to check the roadworthiness of their bikes in a comfortable environment for a smooth and pleasant journey.

It’s that simple, easy and efficient

Document Storage Adjustable compartments are uniquely designed to make document filing and retrieval easier, more accurately and more efficiently.

Document Storage

Reduce cost for your
business start-up

Mailbox Service Our mail arrival notification service ensures that you will not miss any important mail. No matter where you are, never miss a single mail and cut operating costs while keeping in touch with customers.

Easy access and user friendly

Lockers Compact in design for storing small-sized items, our lockers are located near the entrance of each branch to facilitate quick access by customers in a rush.

Storage Locker

Swift transportation of your goods

Transportation We provide professional moving, transporting, packing, unpacking and installing services. Goods under transportation will be handled with care for the value of the goods themselves and for the outward appearance of your home/office. Free on-site quotation is available upon request to provide you with professional advice and let you know more about the services you will get.

Relaxed and carefree in a space of your own

Recreational Area if you wish to take a break from packing up things, simply sit back and relax in the spacious recreational area with drinking water facilities available

Free WIFI Free Wifi Service 免費WIFI服務
Recreational Area 舒適休閒空間
Free Charge Mobile USB Charger

Convenience、Packing Easily

We provide a part of area as Self-Packing Area and tools for you to pack your stuffs properly.

Self Storage - Package Area
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