Branches Map




Kwun Tong

  • How Ming

    Rm.D, 6/F., How Ming Factory Bldg.,
    99 How Ming St. Kwun Tong
  • East Sun 6H

    6/F, Block H, East Sun Ind. Centre,
    16 Shing Yip St.
  • East Sun (Premium)

    6/F, Block E & G, East Sun Ind. Centre,
    16 Shing Yip St.
  • East Sun (U SPACE))

    6/F, Block E & G, East Sun Ind. Centre,
    16 Shing Yip St.
  • Hung Fuk

    Unit B, 7/F, Hung Fuk Factory Bldg.,
    60 Hung To Rd.
    Open on Sunday & Public Holidays
  • KT Ind. Centre

    Rm. L, 3/F, Kwun Tong Ind. Centre Phase 3,
    448-458 Kwun Tong Rd.

Yau Tong

San Po Kong

  • Jing Wah(Mini Cube)

    5/F., Jing Wah Industrial Bldg.(Mini Cube),
    10 Sam Chuk St.
  • Wing Shing

    Flat 02, 14/F., Wing Shing Industrial Bldg.,
    26 Ng Fong St.
  • Tontex

    Unit B, 9/F, Tontex Industrial Bldg.,
    No.2 Sheung Hei St.
  • Wing Hin

    Flat A, 5/F, Wing Hin Factory Bldg.,
    Nos. 31-33 Ng Fong St.
  • Lee Sum (Premium)

    Unit A & B, 2/F, Lee Sum Factory Bldg.,
    23 Sze Mei St.
  • Prince

    Unit B, 18/F., Prince Ind. Bldg.,
    106 King Fuk St.
  • Wing Chai (U SPACE))

    Flat A & B, 4/F, Wing Chai Industrial Building,
    No. 27-29 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon

To Kwa Wan

  • Shun Luen

    Unit A & B, 7/F, Shun Luen Factory Bldg.,
    86 To Kwa Wan Rd.
  • Freder

    Unit G, 4/F., Freder Centre,
    3 Mok Cheong St.

Hung Hom

Mong Kok

  • Fullview

    5/F, Full View Factory Bldg.,
    52 Tong Mi Rd..
  • Fuk Chiu

    1/F, Fuk Chiu Factory Bldg.,
    20 Bute St.
  • Fuk On

    Flat A, 1/F, Fuk On Factory Bldg.,
    1123 Canton Rd..

Tai Kok Tsui

Lai Chi Kok

  • Wing Hong Wine Cellar

    Room C, 2F, Wing Hong Factory Bldg.,
    No 777-783 Yu Chau St.
  • Hang Cheong

    Unit B, 13/F., Hang Cheong Factory Bldg.,
    No 1 Wing Ming St.
  • Great Wall

    Room A, 3/F., Great Wall Factory Bldg.,
    No 11 Cheung Shun St.
  • Por Mee

    Units C & D, 1/F, Por Mee Factory Bldg.,
    500 Castle Peak Rd.
  • Por Mee (Premium)

    Units C & D, 10/F, Por Mee Factory Bldg.,
    500 Castle Peak Rd.
  • Lai Cheong

    Unit 704, Lai Cheong Factory Bldg.,
    479 - 479A Castle Peak Rd.
  • Great Wall (U SPACE)

    Room A, 3/F, Great Wall Factory Building,
    No.11 Cheung Shun Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon

Tsing Yi

  • Tsing Yi

    Workshop A2 on 5th Floor, Tsing Yi Industrial Centre Phase 1,
    Nos. 1-33 Cheung Tat Rd.

Kwai Chung

  • Kinway

    4/F & 5/F., Kinway Industrial Bldg.,
    Nos. 136-138 Tai Lin Pai Rd.
  • Mai Sik

    Unit A, 2/F, Mai Sik Ind. Bldg.,
    1-11 Kwai Ting Rd.
  • Eastern

    Flat A, 4/F., Eastern Ind. Bldg,
    42-50 Kwai Ting Rd.
  • Mai Shun

    Flat A & B, 13/F., Mai Shun Ind. Bldg.,
    18-24 Kwai Cheong Rd.

Tsuen Wan

Sha Tin, Fo Tan

  • Unison (Premium)

    Flat C,2/F, Unison Industrial Center,
    27-31 Au Pui Wan St., Fo Tan
  • Universal

    Flat A & B,12/F, Block A, Universal Industrial Center,
    23-25 Shan Mei St., Fo Tan
  • Veristrong

    15/F., Block B, Veristrong Ind. Centre,
    34-36 Au Pui Wan St., Fo Tan
  • Goldfield

    Unit 1 & 2, 11/F, Goldfield Ind. Centre, 1 Sui Wo Rd., Fo Tan.

Tai Po

Tuen Mun

  • Success

    Flat A & B, 8/F, Success Ind. Bldg.,
    7 Kin Fat St.
  • Yau Tak (Premium)

    Unit B, 9/F, Yau Tak Ind. Bldg.,
    21 San On St.
  • Koon Wah

    16/F., Block 2, Koon Wah Mirror Factory (6th) Ind. Bldg., 7-9 Ho Tin St.

Yuen Long

  • Hung Wai

    7/F, Hung Wai Industrial Building,
    1-5 Hei Yip Street, Yuen Long

Tai Koo

Tin Hau

Wong Chuk Hang

  • Yally Branches

    Unit B & C, 17/F., Yally Industrial Building,
    6 Yip Fat Street
  • Victory

    5/F., Victory Industrial Building,
    16 Wong Chuk Hang Road
  • Heung Wah

    Factory Unit A & B, 20/F.,
    Heung Wah Industrial Building,
    12 Wong Chuk Hang Road
  • E Tat

    3/F, E Tat Factory Bldg.,
    4 Heung Yip Rd.

Chai Wan

  • Glory

    11/F, Glory Industrial Building
    22 Lee Chung St.
  • Fortune

    Unit B2, 7/F, Block B, Fortune Factory Building
    40 Lee Chung St.
  • Sunrise

    Flat A, 8/F, Sunrise Industrial Building
    10 Hong Man St.
  • TCL

    14/F., TCL Centre,
    34 Lee Chung St.
  • Man Foong

    Flat 22A, Man Foong Ind. Bldg.,
    7 Cheung Lee St.
  • Chai Wan

    Unit A, 19/F, Chai Wan Industrial Centre,
    20 Lee Chung St.
  • Chai Wan

    Unit B, 19/F, Chai Wan Industrial Centre,
    20 Lee Chung St.
  • Chai Wan (U SPACE))

    Room A, 19th Floor, Chai Wan Centre Industrial Building,
    20 Lee Chung Street, Chai Wan.

Siu Sai Wan

  • Cheung Yik

    Flat A & B, 3/F., Cheung Yik Ind. Bldg.,
    12 On Yip St.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday : 10:00am - 07:00pm
Satursday : 10:00am - 05:00pm

**Some Branches open on Sunday and Public Hoildays.
Please call 8208 9822 for enquiry or making appointment.**
(Close on Public holidays)

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