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Apple Storage is one-stop expert with more than hundred branches, which help you to solve storage & transportation needs. A series of high transparency performance pledge that exceed customer expectations.


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Apple Storage features

Comfort in-store environment Comfort in-store environmentComfort environment, superior mini storage experience
Recreational Area Recreational AreaCharging service, free WIFI, water dispenser
Self-serviced Packing Area Self-serviced Packing AreaProvides variety of tools such as trolley, aluminum ladder, scissors and tape etc.
Shelved Storage, Clothes Storage Shelved Storage, Clothes StorageProvides shelf and clothes rail
Treasure Display Storage Treasure Display StorageThe upper shelf uses for display and the lower shelf uses for store stuff
Bicycle Storage Bicycle StorageTailor made for private bicycle parking space

Variety of storage services

About Our Mini Storage Spaces

The Leading Mini Storage Hong Kong Service Provider

Since our founding in 2005, we have been striving to provide excellent and comprehensive mini storage solutions in Hong Kong and to bring better and enhanced living space as well as quality of life for our customers. Our brand has over 100 branches in Hong Kong now, covering Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories, our one-stop mini storage HK solutions cater for different needs in different districts. We are always proud of offering a cosy environment, excellent customer services and have received multiple awards over the years, which proves that our high-quality mini storage Hong Kong services are widely recognized.

We Care About Your Needs

Apple Storage units in Hong Kong don’t only just provide much-needed space, but also offer various supporting facilities with the aim to comprehensively take care of our customers’ wide range of needs. Our spacious Recreational Area equipped with drinking water facilities is available in each branch to let customers take a quick break from packing. Free WiFi and phone charging are also available, letting our customers stay connected with families and friends while taking care of items in their storage space. Finally, the Self-Packing Area and a wide range of tools available, such as trolley, short ladder, scissor, packaging materials…etc., are super handy to let our customers pack their personal belongings easily and conveniently.

We Take Care of Your Belongings

To deliver a safe, comfortable and convenient experience, all our mini storage Hong Kong locations are now equipped with round-the-clock, automated security monitoring. Our branches are also equipped with 24-hour, state-of-the-art humidity control and fire-fighting systems. What’s more, we conduct regular staff inspections, pest control as well as disinfection measures too.

New VIP Experience

We have recently launched a new brand – Apple Storage Premium, which aims to create a unique “Mini Storage x Co-working Space x Clubhouse Service'' concept in Hong Kong. Our “Premium” range of services takes the whole mini storage HK experience to a new level, and not only fulfils the storage requirements of households, but also online shop owners and start-up businesses as well, allowing them to conveniently store or ship their goods, and save on running cost.

One-Stop HK Storage & Transportation Service

Apple Moving, a subsidiary of ours, is a self-owned moving company that provides professional services including Moving, Transporting, Packing, Disassembling, Assembling and more to our customers with care and reliability. Call us to get more details about our moving services today!


Redefining the Concept of Mini Storage in HK

Moreover, our brand has always been striving for innovation, in fact, U SPACE was established in 2018 as it offers diversified solutions such as a convenient door-to-door storage box service combo in Hong Kong. We have launched a dedicated door-to-door storage solution in 2019, and also launched「Apple Storage Premium」- a new special concept emphasizing on “Business Solutions” beyond our ordinary range of services.


An Award-Winning Storage Provider in Hong Kong

Over the years, we have gained recognition from different sectors and earned multiple titles including Hong Kong Premier Service Brand, “HKRMA Quality Service Recognition Scheme”, “Caring Company”, “Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Customer Service”, and “The 10th Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Awards”. We can confidently say that we are definitely one of the Hong Kong storage solutions providers that you can trust.

Apple Storage aims to provide a better service to customers in Hong Kong. We combine traditional services, new concepts in storage Hong Kong solutions, moving services and comprehensive value-adding mini storage services to not only meet our customers' wide range of needs, but more importantly, we also provide customers more convenience in daily life, thereby creating a better and more living space to improve the quality of life.

FAQs – About Our Mini Storage Hong Kong Solutions


Who needs self-storage in Hong Kong?

High property prices and limited space is a common problem we all face in a packed and bustling city like Hong Kong. If you are facing such a problem, have no fear, as Apple Storage HK is the best solution provider for you.


What is the size of your mini storage spaces?

We provide various sizes of mini storage at all facilities at an affordable and competitive price. Our mini storage units in Hong Kong start from 3 sq. ft. and the larger units go up to 153 sq. ft. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable storage unit in Hong Kong to meet all your needs.


What is the minimum storage period of your service?

We aim to provide a flexible and convenient experience to you, where terms can be as short as one month to store your personal belongings if you need to.


How can I book a mini storage space?

There are several ways to access your personal space with Apple Storage in Hong Kong. You can visit any of our facilities in person to view and book the mini storage space. Also, you can book a self-storage unit through our eShop as well. It's a very simple and fast way to improve your living space.


Are my belongings secure at Apple Storage Hong Kong facilities?

All our mini storage Hong Kong stores are equipped with high-tech equipment including: 24 hours CCTV surveillance, smart card access system, automatic fire protection system, temperature and humidity Control systems. We aim to provide a professional and secure mini storage experience to all our customers.


What kind of items are not allowed in self-storage units in Hong Kong?

All customers are not allowed to store any prohibited items including toxic, corrosive, gasoline, liquids, oxidising agents, guns, and batteries etc. For details of the components of dangerous goods, please visit the website of the Government or Fire Services Department.


Can your company help me pack and deliver the items into my mini storage space?

Yes, sure! Our subsidiary - Apple Moving, is a self-owned moving company, and we are here to provide one-stop HK storage and moving solutions for all our valued customers. Our professional transportation team can help to pick up and store your belongings into the storage unit as requested. Please contact our customer service representative at 8208 9822 for further details.

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