Free up space in your homes‎

Apple storage provide the excellent service, great for storing different type of things, including personal belongings, seasonal clothes, book and document, huge furniture and home appliances help you free up more spaces form your home.

Apple storage prides itself on the provision of a comfortable environment and premium mini storage services. 24-hours air conditioner with easy to entry by using the touch-sensitive smart card to enter has an intelligent access system anytime, stores offer unique facilities and services including Wi-Fi, free mobile charging, resting area, water dispensers, trolley, and a short ladder. The most convenient places for you storing and picking up items.

One-stop storage service
Apple Storage

Recreational Area

with free WIFI, charging services & water dispensers provided

Self Storage

Self-serviced Packing Area

with trolleys, ladders & bicycle tools provided

Toy Storage

One-stop storage service

offer a wide range of mini storage

Provide various different sizes of mini storage

42 sq.ft. storage
12 sq.ft. storage
clothing storage
Apple Storage TOWN

Home Repairs Service

Apple Storage TOWN」with 「Home Repairs Service」, our Home Repairs Service may arrange skilled workmen for you to deal with the various kinds of repairs (such as the bathroom, water pipes, light switches, sockets, etc.) at the time you choose and on a reasonable cost.